SCMA Offices Have Moved

Effective October 1st, 2017 the corporate offices of the SCMA have moved to 233, Yorktown Street, Dallas, TX, 75208. The new space allows us to not only have our office and conference area, but also has plenty of space for storage of festival materials as well as work areas and even an area to construct and paint new backdrops.

The phone number will remain the same, (214) 821-4173.

NTIF Website - Now Showing 2017

The NTIF website ( is now showing headline performers for 2017. Also available are Vendor and Volunteer information and applications.

More details will be added as they become available.

Board Elections

The SCMA Board election process concluded at the annual meeting on September 24th with the election of two new members, Jack Dingler and Richard Jones to the board.

Sheri Bush, Elaine Christian and Lybo Buchanan were also reelected.

SCMA Offices

The SCMA offices are located at 233 Yorktown St., Dallas, TX, 75208. That is behind the main Dallas Post Office off of I30 between Sylvan and Beckley.


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