Dance Scholarship

The Southwest Celtic Music Association's Scholarship Committee is now accepting applications for its $500 dance scholarship, through January 25th (when all applications must be received via e-mail or mailed to the office).

The dance scholarship rules and application form are available here. The $500 award can be used for the study of Irish/Celtic dance, for dance related clothing, or for travel expenses, provided the trip is to study Irish/Celtic dance and/or participate in a Feis or dance workshop. The scholarship process is open to all students (current or future) of Irish or Celtic dance to further the dancing opportunities of the recipient.

Applicants must reside and study in the five-state area served by the SCMA (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico). Applicants must complete and submit an application form and be a maximum of 18-years-old on March 17 of the scholarship year (2017). The scholarship year runs according to the dates of the North Texas Irish Festival, held annually on the first weekend in March at Dallas' Fair Park. Dance scholarship winners are not eligible to apply again for a period of three years.

Address completed applications to:

Southwest Celtic Music Association
7324 Gaston Avenue, #124-382
Dallas, TX, 75214

2015 Recipients

The Scholarship Committee of the Southwest Celtic Music Association is pleased to announce and recognize its selections for the 2015 North Texas Irish Festival.

year the selection process gets more difficult. With the growing number of young dancers and musicians the task becomes harder. The dance and music schools in the area are all top notched. Ultimately, we can only pick one.

The winner of the “Irish Dance Scholarship” for 2015 is Alexis Craig of Celina, Texas.

“The Byron D. Cameron Music Scholarship” for 2015 is presented to the North Texas School of Irish Music. The Board of Trustees of the SCMA chose to give it to the school this year in the hope they could use it to benefit as many young musicians as possible.

Ms. Craig will receive a scholarship grant from the SCMA for $500 to help reach her future goals. The time and date of the award is still pending. It will be during the 2015 NTIF. The School of Irish Music has already received their grant.

Thanks to all who applied.