On The Dance Floor

Our On The Dance Floor service is the perfect way for dance schools, Ceili organizer or venue to promote their activities, performances or school enrollments on the SCMA website. Simply select the type of event and add the details required.

Your entry will contain your user ID so only you will be able to edit the information should any details change over time.

Three categories of announcements are available:

Special Events - One off or regularly recurring dance ceilis or performances.

Classes - Dance classes conducted on a regular basis.

Announcements - Pretty much anything else that does not fit above. This may include new classes starting, openings for dance instructors, venues looking to attract a Ceili session etc.

If you are a dance school you may wish to advertise details under the last cetagory, Dance Schools.

If you are looking for a Ceili, school enrollment or somewhere to go watch Irish or Scottish dancing Find Event section probably has a few ideas for you. You can search by city and/or state and from the summary list of events and view the details and contact information for each.

Note, we do not charge for this service, and take no percentage of any referral. Neither to we make any guarantees as to the accuracy of the information. All we ask is that you register with the us so we can keep you informed of upcoming events in the area in which we believe you may be interested.

Upcoming Dances