Venue Services

Our Venue service is the perfect way for apub, restaurant or concert hall to promote themselves on the SCMA website. Simply click the Add Venue link and enter contact information and a short description of the venue. You will have your own access code so you or a trusted member of staff may edit the information should any details change over time.

You may also want to add some specific icons designating some of the additional services available at the location such as free wi-fi, parking, premium beers, food service etc.

If you are looking for a night out at a local Celtic pub or a restaurant service good food then you will probably find our venue helpful. You can search by city and/or state and from the summary list of venues matching your criteria view the details and contact information for each.

Note, we do not charge for this service, and take no percentage of any referral. Neither to we make any guarantees as to the accuracy of the information. All we ask is that you register with the us so we can keep you informed of upcoming events in the area in which we believe you may be interested.

Remember to Register

Remember, to use this free service we do require that you register and log in each time. We maintain a mailing list that enables us to send you information about upcoming SCMA and other Celtic events in your area.

You may opt-out of all mailings by selecting that option on your registration, which may be updated at any time.

We do not sell or give our mailing list to any other organization.